Anyone who surfs the web or owns a smartphone knows a good meme or two. But there are some classic memes that started them all, and that’s what we’re covering today – the top 15 mems that changed the internet forever. How many do you recognize?

1-Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat. 2014. Credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons.

Grumpy Cat is actually a cat named Tardar Sauce who passed away in 2019. Known for an underbite which gives him a grumpy expression, this is the meme of sarcasm and fake negativity.

2-Success Kid

Called “the internet’s most famous baby” by CNN, Success Kid is the meme of a toddler, his fist clenched in triumph.

3-Scumbag Steve

Scumbag Steve is a young man wearing a sideways baseball cap, baggy clothes, and a fur coat. He is the epitome of a scumbag.

4-Distracted Boyfriend

Distracted boyfriend features the image of a girl looking angrily at her boyfriend as he turns to check out another girl walking past.

5-Bad Luck Brian

This meme of a boy dressed in a plaid sweater vest and braces is the go-to image to illustrate a scapegoat in humiliating situations.

6-Overly attached Girlfriend

This meme describes itself. It’s an image of a girl looking crazily into the camera, which originated from a viral YouTube video.

7-One Does Not Simply

Based on a quote and still image from the 2001 film The Fellowship of the Ring, this meme features the character Boromir pointedly illustrating the difficulty of their journey to Mt. Doom in Mordor. “One does not simply walk into Mordor,” he states.

8-Winter is Coming

This Game of Thrones meme is used to illustrate the inevitability and solemnity that something is about to take place.

9-That’d be Great

This meme also comes from a movie – 1999’s Office Space. One of the main characters has ridiculously non-confrontational speech and ends most of his instructions or requests with the phrase ‘That’d be great.’

10-The Most Interesting Man in the World

Originally an ad campaign for Dos Equis beer, this meme features a sophisticated gentleman and hilarious voiceovers that detail his fully-lived life.

11-Joseph Ducreux

This meme features the portrait of a French nobleman from the 1700s and the captions usually offer archaic interpretations of modern rap and pop songs.


This meme is an easy one, but still hilarious. It features a velociraptor looking thoughtful and quotes of deeply philosophical questions.

13-Ain’t Got Time for That

When a woman unintentionally said “Ain’t nobody got time for that” in a hilarious news report after escaping her burning apartment building, the phrase was clipped and went viral on the internet, eventually becoming a meme for the things we just ain’t got time to do

14-Donald Trump’s First Order of Business

When Donald Trump took on his first order of business as POTUS, he made the mistake of flashing the signed paper at the camera to show off his signature. The photo took the internet like a storm, with people making fun of the president by photoshopping hilarious options as to what Trump could have written.

15-Disaster Girl

This meme features a young child smiling at the camera with disaster images imposed in the background, suggesting that she is the one who created the disaster.