From childhood, we all have heard that taking vitamins is very important. This sense of urgency isn't without reason because a vitamin deficiency can make a huge toll on your health.

 In this article, our focus is on an essential vitamin, D. If you want to know what signs show vitamin D deficiency and how serious is this problem, keep reading to find out.

8 common signs of vitamin D deficiency

Muscle pain

Sore muscles following workout is reasonable since it causes microscopic tears in your muscle fibers that take some time to heal.

However, if you feel like your muscles become painful easily and continue for a long time, it may be because you're not getting enough vitamin D.

Achy bones

 As you get older, experiencing sore joints and aching bones is common, but bone pain also can be a sign of vitamin D deficiency.

The point is that it's right that you need calcium for strong bones, but on top of that you require enough vitamin D. That's because your bones need vitamin D to absorb the required amount of calcium to create a healthy bone structure.

Excessively sweat

Sweating after taking a long run or spending a particularly hot day is normal but excessive sweating especially without any obvious reason can be a sign that you lack vitamin D.

Also, infants who sweat excessively are often suspected of having vitamin D deficiency.

Getting sick a lot

If you are suffering from the fourth or fifth virus during the year, maybe a lack of vitamin D is causing your immune system to work poorly. That's because cells in the immune system can synthesize better when exposed to vitamin D.